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LABELLE , Hubert  MD
Research Axis
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CHU Sainte-Justine
Centre de recherche
Laboratoire informatique de scoliose 3-D
3175 Chemin de la Côte Sainte-Catherine
Montréal  (QC), Canada
H3T 1C5
514 345-4931 #4876
514 345-4755
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Career Summary, Research Topics and Interests


  • Head, Musculoskeletal Diseases and Movement Sciences Axis, CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center, 2002.

  • Professor, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal.

  • Professor, Biomedical Engineering Institute, University of Montreal, 2001.

  • Active Member, CHUM-Pavillon Notre-Dame Research Center, 1997.

  • Head, Orthopedics, CHU Sainte-Justine, Montreal, 1993.


  • Fellow, Pediatric Orthopedics, A.I. Du Pont Institute and Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, USA, 1982.

  • Fellow, Pediatric Orthopedics, CHU Sainte-Justine, 1981.

  • FRCS(c), Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, 1981.

  • Specialty, Orthopedic Surgery, University of Montreal, 1981.

  • MD, University of Montreal, 1976.

Research Interests

My research work is focused on the evaluation and treatment of scoliotic deformities in children and on the 3D evaluation and treatment of spinal deformities, with an emphasis on computer-assisted surgery, 3D design and evaluation of braces for the treatment of idiopathic scoliosis, as well as 3D evaluation and surgery simulation for scoliotic deformities. In addition, I conduct a research program on postural equilibrium and sagittal alignment of the spine and pelvis in children and adolescents with spondylolisthesis.

Awards and Distinctions
  • Research Chair in Motion Sciences, CHU Sainte-Justine and University of Montreal, 2001.

  • Personality of the Week, La Presse, 2001.

  • Excellence Grant, Best Pediatric Research, Foundation of Stars, 1997.

  • Senior Research Scholar, Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec, 1992-1996.

Most Important Publications Selected by the Researcher
Aubin C-É, Labelle H, Chevrefils C, Desroches G, Clin J, Eng AB,
Preoperative planning simulator for spinal deformity surgeries
Spine 2008  2143-2152.
Mac-Thiong J-M, Wang Z, de Guise JA, Labelle H,
Postural model of sagittal spino-pelvic alignment and its relevance for lumbosacral developmental spondylolisthesis
Spine 2008  2316-2325.
Labelle H, Bellefleur C, Joncas J, Aubin C-É, Cheriet F,
Preliminary evaluation of a computer-assisted tool for the design and adjustment of braces in idiopathic scoliosis: a prospective and randomized study
Spine 2007  835-843.
Mac-Thiong J-M, Labelle H,
A proposal for a surgical classification of pediatric lumbosacral spondylolisthesis based on current literature
Eur Spine J 2006  1425-1435.
Labelle H, Roussouly P, Berthonnaud E, Dimnet J, O'Brien M,
The importance of spino-pelvic balance in L5-s1 developmental spondylolisthesis: a review of pertinent radiologic measurements
Spine 2005  S27-34.
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